Construction Practice

Our hands-on experience in construction disputes includes familiarity with construction contracts, laws, and remedies for public and private parties and insurance companies. Our experience also includes strong litigation, negotiation, and/or coverage. We handle construction issues throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Defending Insurance Companies and Government Entities

At Midkiff, Muncie & Ross, P.C., we represent insurance companies, contractors and government entities dealing with issues related to contract breaches, procurement issues, construction defects and negligence resulting in damage on construction sites.

Bonds Protecting Against Construction Defects and Breach of Contract

Performance bonds guarantee that a building will be completed properly and within expectations. Payment bonds cover suppliers and subcontractors not paid by the contractor. When legitimate claims are filed, the insurance company must address issues such as faulty construction, missed deadlines, increased costs and/or nonpayment to construction professionals.

Holding Contractors Accountable in Construction Litigation

Our practice assists insurance companies in subrogation to collect the money they have paid out due to a contractor’s negligence and inattentiveness. This work is precise, and requires a level of experience that most firms do not possess. That experience, coupled with diligence in getting to the facts of the case has benefited our clients in the construction industry. We have gained a reputation in the industry and at the bar for our dedication and success in this complex area of construction law.