Property Insurance Defense Practice

Defending against commercial and residential property claims requires the expertise of an attorney with insurance defense experience at the state and federal court levels. At Midkiff, Muncie & Ross, P.C., we represent insurance companies and self-insured entities in complex property insurance-related matters.

Investigating Fraudulent Property Insurance Claims

A fire or other causes could destroy an insured building. Within the insured’s policy, coverage may also include the property within the structure, any interruption of business operations or additional living expenses. When a claim is filed, our work begins at Midkiff, Muncie & Ross, P.C. We team with experts and investigators to evaluate legitimacy, accuracy and coverage of the claim. If the facts indicate there is fraud, we advise the insurer on potential fact-based defenses.

Seasoned Litigators Defending You Against Commercial Property Claims

Robert Tayloe Ross, one of our firm’s partners, chairs the Property Team, with other property attorneys who are experienced in this aspect of insurance defense. In his over 25 years of insurance and business litigation experience, Mr. Ross has built a national reputation for his team with thorough knowledge of the ever-changing laws that apply to property insurance claims. Declaratory Judgment actions are often the most effective approach to establish defenses to insurance claims. We are experienced in federal as well as state court litigation and often defend insurers before Bureaus of Insurance. With Robert Ross, Regina Maria Policano, Diane Montgomery, and Robert Reverski, our property team has nearly 100 years of combined experience in handling property cases in multiple jurisdictions.

Pursuing Compensation From Responsible Parties

Legitimate property insurance claims often result in multimillion dollar payments to insureds. With so much at stake financially, insurers turn to us to identify who is at fault for an incident that causes damage to property, and effective methods of recovery from those who cause or contribute to the loss. Subrogation is an option for insurance companies to pursue claims against responsible parties and receive reimbursement for payment of claims.